The Triple Aim: Spotlight on service

This is the third piece in our series that discusses the Triple Aim.

In our previous blog post, we discussed the Quality pillar of the Triple Aim. This time around, we'll take a look at the Service pillar.

Within the Triple Aim framework of Quality, Service, and Cost, the Service pillar refers to improving the patient care experience. At MultiCare Connected Care, this translates to enhancing both care quality and care coordination so that patient care is seamless for patients from beginning to end.

What are the primary ways that MultiCare Connected Care aims to provide a better experience for patients?

Putting patients first

As an accountable care organization (ACO), we're moving away from fragmented care that requires patients to navigate the health care system on their own, and toward a new model based on patient-centered, integrated care. MultiCare Connected Care provides patients with care management support to help them navigate their health care options, and ensures follow-up with them after appointments.

Seamless care

MultiCare Connected Care strives to offer seamless, highly coordinated care. We use shared resources and technology, as well as standardized treatment processes, across our network and in all locations, including in- and outpatient care, specialty care, home care and community-based services so our populations are receiving a consistently positive experience no matter where they are.

Because providers have access to more data and information-sharing through our Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), they know the latest information about every patient and are empowered to provide the right care the first time by avoiding information delays and duplicate testing.

For patients, this means being cared for by informed providers and specialists who share a common model for treatment and are up-to-date on their treatment progress. They're treated like people, not numbers, and can take comfort in knowing that we understand their story.  

Convenient and timely access to providers

Within MultiCare Connected Care, patients receive access to a wide selection of providers with a goal of greater availability of appointments. As a result, they can be seen close to home in a more timely manner. We offer a comprehensive range of adult and pediatric primary care and specialty care services throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as online tools like MyChart or other EHR patient portals to help patients manage their health at their own convenience.

High-quality providers

Our providers understand that positive patient outcomes and positive patient experiences are equally important. Many of the providers practicing within MultiCare Connected Care are recognized as the best in their fields. Providers use specific performance measurements to hold themselves accountable for improving care quality and coordination, ensuring a better overall patient experience.

Next up

In our next blog post, we'll focus on the Cost pillar of the Triple Aim. We'll explore how MultiCare Connected Care strives to improve value for everyone by reducing per capita costs while boosting population health and enhancing the patient experience of care.

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