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The above practice guidelines serve as a reference for health care professionals and patients within the MultiCare Connected Care affiliated network. The guidelines provide an evidence-based* framework for evaluating, treating or preventing various health conditions. The guidelines are not meant to replace clinical judgment of individual providers and are not meant for all circumstances. The term Adult refers to persons generally older than 18 years of age and Pediatric refers to persons generally younger than 18 years of age proposed by The Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Network. Additional patient education information is linked at the far right. For questions, please contact Kate Mundell, Director, Clinically Integrated Network at [email protected].

For all Care Guidelines developed we offer potentially impacted stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback through an open comment period. The final approval process takes place within the Collaborative program.

* The process of determining evidence based criteria involves the review of peer-reviewed literature and nationally published guidelines in the open literature where there is evidence supporting these recommendations. When possible, along with the reference, the original literature or links are provided to provide accurate assignment of original authorship.