MCC participates in Cambia Grove's "Reverse Pitch Day"

MCC's Dr. Christopher Kodama speaks at Cambia Grove's Reverse Pitch Day event in March.

The health care landscape is changing rapidly, pushing all of us to rethink how we go about our everyday work and imagine a future where we deliver better care at a lower cost. That kind of revolution demands innovative thinking and the willingness to look outside our own industry for ideas so we work smarter not necessarily harder than we already do.

Recently, representatives from MultiCare Connected Care and MultiCare Health System participated in an event at the Cambia Grove in Seattle designed to match large health care companies with nimble, creative entrepreneurs to affect change in health care. About 200 people showed up to hear from us and other health care organizations.

At this event, called Reverse Pitch Day, we shared some of the challenges we face in communicating with our patients and developing an engaging partnership with them in their health care journey.

We asked the question: How do we engage individuals in actively managing their health and partnering with us to achieve their health goals?

In our current environment, individuals who have a particular health condition may seek care with a primary care physician, at an emergency department or through some other form of in person encounter. The patient, with the help of their provider, develops a plan and then they are set loose to navigate and follow through on the various milestones critical to their success on their own. Adding to the challenge, there are an overwhelming number of resources available in terms of education and tools to navigate the system.

What we hear from patients is that it‘s often difficult for them to figure out how to put the pieces together to get to the actual information that will help empower them in managing their care.

As health care providers, we are being asked to customize the experience for individuals and provide that care at a more affordable cost. We need to develop innovative solutions that are going to help us meet the needs of a much larger population at an individual level with fewer of the traditional resources. We also know that providers work hard as it is, so an alternative, more efficient and effective solution is required.

We‘re asking these entrepreneurs to help us design ways to help our patients get useful information in a timely manner to help them accomplish their wellness goals whatever those might be, to monitor and understand their health, and to determine when, where or how to best access our services.

We‘re looking forward to seeing their ideas soon.

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