Message from the President: Clinical Collaboratives help navigate the path to better outcomes

Family in doctor's office

I recently heard world-renowned futurist Ian Morrison quote a physician leader of an ACO elsewhere in the country:

“We have the anatomy of an Accountable Care Organization, but none of the physiology.”

This is such an important observation and drives home the point that what will really count is our “physiology,” or what will be reflected in how integrated we behave as a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN).

Only by working together will we successfully develop these all-important physiological responses to our evolving environment.

One of the ways we will grow into the full-fledged physiology of a vibrant and effective network is with the Clinical Collaboratives, which are physician-led, multidisciplinary teams charged with developing evidence-based, best-practice standards and actionable decision support pathways for helping us to collectively navigate some of the most common health conditions that impact the populations we serve.

These aren‘t “recipes” for “cookbook medicine,” but rather a process to hone our approach to clinical issues into a fewer number of key steps to achieve better outcomes, service and affordability.

By adopting this methodology, we can:

  • More easily see what works and why
  • Better manage and care for large populations
  • Maximize predictability of outcomes
  • See opportunities for improvement with greater clarity and focus

The work we are doing together is truly transformative from the way we‘re used to delivering care. And yet each of our successes will actually bring us closer to the ideals I believe we all embraced when we chose medicine in the first place:

  • To partner with our patients to achieve their personal health goals
  • To provide care that our patients can afford
  • To enhance the overall health of our communities

Thank you again for your ongoing commitment to learning, engaging, and helping to navigate the path ahead. Together, we are leading the way in shaping a healthier future!

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