Clinical Collaboratives

Introduction to the Clinical Collaboratives

MultiCare Connected Care‘s Clinical Collaboratives are multidisciplinary teams of clinicians, support staff, and critical resources whose sole purpose is to improve clinical care and patient outcomes by eliminating variation. The teams are an evolution of work that began in 2011 with DRG clinical variation investigations as a part of MultiCare Health System‘s Cost Structure Improvement initiatives. We have discovered that significant improvements in quality outcomes can be illustrated by supporting this important work. The Clinical Collaboratives strive to increase quality, improve patient satisfaction and reduced costs to patients by standardizing the care they receive within the MultiCare Connected Care Network. MultiCare Connected Care leads the Collaboratives with the hopes that standardized best practices, developed by these teams, will be freely shared and utilized by providers across our community; in turn, providing all patients with a greater standard of care.

Each Collaborative produces a variety of key deliverables including a written evidence based protocol guideline for each patient population, a patient pathway, patient education, staff education support materials and a deployment plan. MultiCare currently has 7 Collaboratives active across the system that are focused on Critical Care, Medicine, Surgery, Primary Care, Emergency Services, Women's Services, and Pediatrics.

The Care Guidelines and Care Pathways produced by the Collaborative teams are the key components to achieving our goals. Both are physician driven documents; the Care Guideline is created with the intent to standardize patient care and a Care Pathway is a graphic representation of the key elements of that Care Guideline.

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